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Faria Abdullah & Harsha Komet, together, founded Camp Celiberate in 2016. 

Camp CeLiberate provides a platform where global art forms come together to create a deep & meaningful impact on society.


We believe in the healing power of art and hope to unravel magic for our  audience and participants.

We want the world around us to be able to express themselves freely and feel liberated. A space where the unspoken can find their voice, & their hidden potential comes to fore. A space where experts can share their experience and enrich lives.


Camp CeLiberate is open to collaborate with all those who want to celebrate life in all its myriad colours.

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HEALnotHATE week

Focussing on one of the 7 chakras for each event, we worked with 7 different communities to create a ripple effect of healing through art. 


On the Root Chakra day we worked with Rainbow Homes, an NGO that has been working to educate and support children.

On Sacral Chakra day, we worked with the strong support system of Rainbow Homes - the people, who are responsible for many young minds and hearts, require their top game and their utmost strength.

On Solar Plexus Chakra day, we worked with Robinhood Army, an organisation that has been working endlessly towards eradicating hunger and food wastage. 

On Heart Chakra day, we organised an all green, zero - waste meet up. We got like minded people together to discuss solutions for a better environment around us.

On Throat Chakra day, we worked with @devens_hope that works for the voiceless.

On Third Eye Chakra day, we worked working with a special needs home named Vivaan Assisted Living (VAL). Through Sound Healing with @kaavyabhagchandani we are curating a special session for these beautiful humans and their caretakers!

On Crown Chakra day, we worked Mobbera foundation, an organisation that has been working endlessly with the LGBTQIA+ community.

We also conducted HEALnotHate live sessions with healers and therapists from different organisations and individuals - Pause for Perspective, Kausar Sultana from Re-Vibe, Kaavya, Sammy, an art therapist, Siddharth - a Pranic healer and twin hearts meditation practitioner and Pramod Prafulchand from Access bars and consciousness. 

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An immersive workshop of 9-days with 50 participants. 

Venue: Golden Boulder

Time: December 2021

Dance, Yoga, Healing, Contact Improvisation and Body Movement classes for 9 days to create a community that heals together through art.


The theme of the event was 7 chakras 7 days. The food, location, workshops - everything was aligned according to the element associated with the chakra - like water, earth, air etc.

Faculty : Ryan Martyr & Fareena Farid

Exclusive classes were conducted by Mukul Kumar, Kausar Sultana and Aditya. 
Participants were from all age groups 

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